Why is the Gaian Copper?

Have you ever started a project not really knowing what the outcome would be? Or not even knowing the next step but somehow you just keep going? It’s like a deeper vision waiting to be born and oftentimes we’re not privy to the details until it’s ready! Divine timing at its best.

In my early days of testing soil using a pendulum, I would check various components in the soil and at the same time, I was also learning to trust that everything was energy (and light). I was a pretty good skeptic! When I started making the Star4Earth boxes (now the Rosie’s HOPE chest) I put a copper plate on the bottom because I knew that the copper was somehow important to transmit the energy of the crystals and contents into the soil. This was more trusting in the unknown because I didn’t really know how it all worked. And boy did my mind drive me crazy with all sorts of doubts and “you can’t do this because you don’t know what you’re doing”! Due to circumstances in the laser imaging process I couldn’t use the same rectangular shape I had used in the past and the round copper Gaian coin was born! Ahh, the beauty of Divine timing; something I am learning to be grateful for more and more.

Recently I’ve been participating in a cosmic copper activation with Raquel Spencer and her understanding is that “this upshifted frequency (of cosmic/copper) enhances our communication network between our cells, our energy matrix and our higher self…”… and my curiosity was tweaked! Hmm, the Gaian is copper, maybe there’s more to learn here. I started reading about the historical uses of copper and was amazed at the many uses besides copper bracelets, containers and art. In India, they would throw copper into bodies of water to cleanse the water and make it safe for drinking. Ayurveda knew that copper would destroy undesirable viruses and bacteria, and our Egyptian ancestors stored water in copper vessels making the water safe to drink. “According to Ayurveda, water stored in a copper vessel has the ability to balance all the three doshas in your body”* Many people today wear copper bracelets to help with their arthritis. “Ancient seers in India knew that copper conducts heat and energy so they made yantras (mandalas) on thin copper plates with mysterious geometric patterns.” **

Why is the Gaian copper and covered with two sacred geometric designs: an Arcturian crop circle on one side and my logo (minus the colour) on the other? Thanks to my friend Jennifer Hough who suggested that this might be a good combo!! I know the Gaian is assisting with the shifts within us and the planet (some are placed in the soil). If we are these magnificent beings that are multidimensional, connected to the Cosmos and the Earth then these copper coins have a physical and spiritual benefit. Can I explain in detail? No, not yet. Maybe some of you might have some insights to share. It seems that our journeys are constantly being supported by those around us! Now when I wear my copper Gaian necklace I have a deeper appreciation of the metal itself, the sacred geometric design, the connection to our ancestors and to the Earth herself, and the known and unknown benefits I am receiving. For the Divine timing and synchronicities, I am truly grateful. And a special thanks to my friend Anita who called it Gaian.




* http://www.thehealthsite.com/diseases-conditions/10-benefits-of-drinking-water-from-a-copper-vessel-p214/

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