Spider Reflections

Why did I fear them, be repulsed by them?

Thinking they were ugly and creepy, skittering from one place to another

Yet weavers of such beautiful webs, reflections of iridescent light

These thoughts are but reflections and projections of my own fears and beliefs of MYSELF over the decades, if not eons In reality, they are sovereign expressions as am I, and you

I chose this sovereign expressions appearance and this package of me

I chose this sovereign expressions appearance and this package of me

I now choose to see myself in the love and beauty – in me in the mirror, in the spiders on the floor – the GODESSence of who I truly am

Thank you Ho’Oponopono



all is loving light all is flow you are all that you are

/all is loving light all is flow I am all that I am

This morning I sat down to do my automatic writing and 2 1/2 hours later I came to the above realization of how I looked at myself for many decades – the ugly duckling, the ss mouse (scared silly) in life, looking for confirmations of how I perceived myself and getting

them – you may know that kind: not good enough, comparing myself with others especially in high school looking at all the IN crowd students who I thought had it all!!!! Well, that wasn’t true for sure! With the new awarenesses I’ve experienced in the past few several years, these belief systems I’ve clung on to are going out the door. I’m pulling the plug on all those neuron-affirmations tugging at my brain and replacing them with new positive ones; like I am Beautiful, I am Magnificent, I am unique and the Universe put me here and here I stand!!!! We are so connected with the Earth, the Universe and each other. Our compassion and love for ourselves and each other will create more harmony on our planet. Our knowing that each creature on Mother Gaia, human or otherwise, is a sovereign expression from somewhere in the Universe, here on Earth to rekindle that consciousness connection.



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