R.O.S.I.E.: Remembering Our Soul’s Innate Expression

greetings friends and family

A busy year indeed for everyone, including me!

Sometimes it may not seem like it but we are indeed blessed to be here, on the planet and yes, making a difference in the now time, and for the future.

Amidst what seems like chaos, lack of integrity showing up in so many situations around the globe, it is important to keep in mind that we have been asking for it. By this, I mean that in our desire for more peace and harmony that which is not in harmony or integrity is going to bubble to the surface: in order to be seen and released. And that appears as chaos, violence, unconscionable acts against fellow humans and other life forms.

If, as I believe, we have all lived in different lifestreams on the planet throughout the history of humanity, we have all been the victim and the perpetrator. Now it’s time for forgiveness, compassionate understanding and grace … for ourselves and others. And what seems horrible is horrible, but can we grace ourselves with a different perspective and not judge any of it. Can we find the loving coherence in our hearts and minds and know that as we stand strong in our loving heart resonance, we, you and I are making a difference. Some call that being the light, and when we radiate that light with our thoughts, our actions and our words, we ARE changing the vibrational frequency around the Earth —> to one of more peace and harmony. This is the fractal effect of our quantum universe: change the one (YOU) and the butterfly effect ripples ever outward. It is not instant so have grace and patience knowing that it will come.

One of my newest creations is R.O.S.I.E. The image starting appearing during my early morning journal writing and with thanks to the creative genius of Pearly, ROSIE came to “life”. R.O.S.I.E. is an acronym for Remembering Our Soul’s Innate Expression and s/he is in all of us. Her/his hair is DNA strands and s/he tenderly holds the Earth in her/his hands. S/he is a reminder that residing in our DNA is our true nature: love, tolerance, kindness, compassion and an understanding that we all belong on this planet. And we can live in peace and harmony if we choose to!!

We are much more than we know according to what science has explained until now. We are more multidimensional than we ever knew and within that magnificent, benevolent body of ours lies the potentials for peace and harmony, for humanity and the planet.

R.O.S.I.E., the Gaian and the new lasered images on my fused glass are all tools for accelerating consciousness: becoming more aware/remembering ourselves as love. They will assist (according to each person’s divine timing) in awakening those codes embedded in our DNA. Are you ready to let R.O.S.I.E. open your heart, change your perspectives, even be healthier and happier?

How you react is your choice; are you choosing more peaceful solutions? Compassion is an innate ability, are you ready for the OrBetter?

…. from a friend – for whatever you have in your life that brings you joy say thank you, bring me more…. gratitude is so important

namast√© … blessings of joy and love and laughter


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