Let your ego remind you of your “im-perfections”?

Wilka T’lka Flower Garden Peru june 2014

What is Perfection?

love, in a moment

a flower in bloom

a flower complete

with and without scents

it is still divine perfection


december 10, 2014

One Rainy Windy Day

Laugh at yourself

the winds and rain as beings of light

rain more and more

Oh no! we say, how awful.

a quintessential sentiment , ego

piling stuff so high – winds and rains pour down

transcendence is possible.

Turn your face into the wind

feel its crystalline energy flowing through and around you

breathe it in, breathe it out

getting inundated: too much you say

getting dumped on: poor me you say

what if the mysterious insidious ego says I’m sorry

I thought we were playing our “eons” game

Didn’t you get it? – shake it loosely

see beyond your microcosm

and expand into the macrocosmic ball of energy and light

see beyond the rain

see the blue sky thru the leafless trees

I stood in the wind, feet bare on bricks

breathing in deeply the crystal light particles of the wind (sylphs)

swirling around me, thru me, cleansing, loving

I see you said I to the shrubs in the garden

feeling expansiveness everywhere

toes feeling the cold yet not cold

connecting, communing with the ground with the Earth, with the cosmos

This stormy day but a metaphor for how we see life

and get stuck at times in the speck

The wind is expansiveness, endless, everywhere

we are expansive endless everywhere

crystalline light

Do not let the ego shut you down

It is but a weather prediction

a possibility not to be held so tightly

loosey goosey

The storm passes, the dark stuff passes

the light, blue sky it there

beyond the storm, beyond the wind and rain

Can you see the light?

Can you see your light?

Can you Be your light?

It’s not real, like a weather prediction

It’s not real

flying takes you above the clouds

Be the flyer, be so bold

Who are you really – the illusion, the clouds, the rain

all of it and none of it

but the light… that is true. 

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