Insatiable yearning for cosmic and planetary kindred spirits?

december 6, 2014

Our Story

On a beautiful planet tucked in a corner of our galaxy

a new potential was born as the twelve ancestral parents

watched their children grow,

as they once had and as their ancestors had watched over them.

Like them, the children, the Earthlings of the Earth were gifted with many skills

and abilities that would assist them to live in harmony,

to create upon creation,

their ultimate gift for themselves and All That Is.

Like a newborn baby who can see their own angelic ancestors

Humans knew who they were, light beings, creator incarnate

Slowly that awareness disappeared into the eons of humanity

Their god-source and light forgotten

Lives, living became busy, like a toddler exploring everything around them,

curious and in wonderment as they created whatever they wanted,

free will granted by their ancestral parents

A gentle nudge by loving parents

Helped redirect the children

Assisting them to remember

the divine light that they really were.

Wow! said some as remembering grew

as if awakening from a deep sleeping slumber.

No! said others I like it my way

I don’t need to change,

Fear of self preservation held strong

The others felt their parents’ wisdom

and knew and felt their truth

Lovingly, compassionately more awakened

So lovingly, slowly at first

Their original abilities returned

ahh sighed the ancestral parents

The awakening ones return.

december 31, 2015

The Sun, the Earth and All of Me

Letting go of what I know

Welcoming the new

Receiving wisdom from Ancients’ passed and future too

from the Earth herself

A triad of the Sun, the Earth and the human

releasing the old,

relinquishing its hold

The heart is a centre point

welcoming the new

Letting Heaven in, shining through

The Earth, the sun and the stars above

The Earth in all she gives and

the Universe, give us everything

yes, our human creations bring it into form

The more expansive the more compassion

into the core of Gaia and returned anew to us

Love the Earth as you love yourself

love is love….that’s it, all there ever was and will be.

october 14, 2014

Frankfurt Flight

snow, clouds tumbling in the sky

sea of foam of snow in the sky

thin sheaths

surrounded mist in the middle feels like stillness,

gentle rumbling of the plane

bubbling along an invisible brook

Knowing I am moving, feeling like I’m not

Sun appearing as it is a big heart

star in our sky emanating what it is

I am receiving the love.

Mountain peaks touching the ceiling, the clouds of eternity

Jagged peaks erupted from the crust of the Earth long ago.

Some smoothed by time and wind and rain

Others still jagged monuments of their epoch their journey

Clouds pass

Now, feeling the joy of home of the Earth

of Rock beings and the Gorgons filling me,

Telomeres receiving and transmitting.

The plexiglass window creating rainbows

Merging with the sun’s own synchrotronic rays

The plains below me long ago

felt the razors edge of the glaciers moving across the Earth

transforming the Earth once more.

We transform, as light beings on the plains of eternity

Experiencing new dimensions as we yearn to be more.

Amazingly forgetting on purpose

with a purpose not yet told

making up stories, our own fairy tales

Eternal beings in myriads of experiences and expressions of ourselves

a deep sleep with crazy dreams

Are they real? No, but we hold on to them so dearly

awakening, an arrival to a destination with more to come,


effervescent bubbles popping in the glass of water

We awake like the bursting bubble – who, what, where why are we

How did we come to be?

A moment of clarity

then back into the clouds,

floating over the sea of foam

puffs, cotton balls

being present to their consciousness

from the one into the many

taking shape–> to experience

rain and snow, ice and hail

experiencing rivers and seas and oceans

communing with trees and soil, fish, dolphins and whales

sharing their stories

back to the sky that is their home away from home

Galaxies and solar systems from far away

I see a plane in the sky, looking so still

as I to it, like a reflection

awakening, landing an arrival

feeling all is well

excitement, quick stop

wheels touch

november 2014

Empowered Expansion

gifts of awareness, expansive love

visions of colour and shapes with each embrace

expanding into consciousness

blessed gratitude, grace and ease

embodying the truth of who I am

recognizing my galactic ancestors

conversations revealing deeper truths

commonalities around the circle of guests

– – family from afar, remembering our communion from afar

and here as heaven on earth

relationships with family

conversations to shift the energy

conversations that change our fractal universe

we are the bridges from here to there

from life not yet full-filled

by our actions we can shift the universe

and the energy of the space we are in

fifteen humans being in their flow of love

creating upon creation, in ways we know not.

Higher Levels pull from my akash the skill sets of fluid conversations

Embodying the truth of who I am, activating the encodements

to awaken my Innate Abilities in order to fly, to be more,

to transcend paradigms not serving me,

now assisting me in my awakening 

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