Frustrated, scared or even angry at the inhumanities to all life?

july 2014

Gratitude to My Maui Sandals

another conversation brings insight and release

a deeper truth that brings relief and clarity

remembering the sandal as the catalyst

– the osteophyte with honourable mention

and I thought it was the sandals’ fault!

but “they” were inviting me to go back

to remember the When

but it’s so much deeper,

farther back than the Lemurian Homecoming choir

to the small child

aware of what to do to keep safe

hide but do not seek me

hiding me from me so deep a chasm

how would or could I climb back up?

surely not just this lifetime, many others have come to culminate

to this place and time in Earth consciousness

to remember, to awaken, to full circle the density.

And the vulnerability and courage it takes

seems overwhelming at times

Time to tidy up, putting all those identities of survival,

be nice, be responsible, don’t rock the boat, don’t be different

into a tool box to use only when needed

Higher Levels within me and beyond so lovingly guiding

each experience seems like “haven’t I dealt with that already”?

Yet a deeper truth reveals itself

Like a flower unfolding, and beauty expanding and

showing itself as Consciousness expressed for a moment

It is felt, it makes a difference – let the love shine

camouflage of the chameleon is it’s survival

I am not a chameleon, the star-seed light is here to shine

The physicality expressing itself in it’s uncomfortableness

the newly awakening conversations feeling like the physical

So yearning and feeling the potentials for releasing the old

and dawning of the new freedom of enjoying life,

To dance with life, to sing, have fun,

and feeling the love of soul family

Supporting me on this journey of my lifetimes,

Thank you myfoilima, my/family/of/infinite/love/in/me/always – you

aillaifiaaitia, all/is/loving/light/all/is/flow/i/am/all/that/i/am

thank you ALL for bringing me home

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