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july 2014

Flight Home

This life I came here to live

to remember my true essence

Love and light bringing harmony to Earth

yearning for more, to be more, activating, embracing

living life in partnership of my loving family, 3D and beyond.

The earth, the trees, the clouds, and the golden sun and more,

Remind me of my path, the OrBetter,

to bring the understanding to my misunderstanding

of what I thought I was doing

Feelings of fairies dancing and playing in my hair

Hands moving in fairy-like ways

with Ana from Spain seeing her feeling the energy was encouraging/confirming of a purpose to the motions

Higher Levels help me stay awakened

I am sorry for my impatience I just feel there is more

Assist me to further awaken the love and strength of the love

Of which I am as I AM.

and shift the energy in my everyday activities and relationships

Life is FOR me

to shift the energy of lack – of intimacy in all possible ways of marriage, relationships, family, friends. I am love – to move that energy into my CC Central Channel

Realizing my 38 years of marriage, my perceptions of lack or not enough intimacy was as it is/was!

Now it is new beginnings, not about correcting the past – it is what it is!

gentleness – openness – old paradigms into the CC – transmuting day by day

better than positive thinking – I am responsible and the shift creates the harmony exponentially.

Seeing at a deeper level, even further than ignoring toothpaste on the counter

Not to fix the past, I wasn’t broken – it is what it is

Dancing with what I knew, now I know more, and

let the Or Better begin. I am ready to dance

without judgments without comparing to others.

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