Felt disconnected from Source or your Soulspirit?

Rosie’s Joy

I awoke on Christmas morning

Full of the joy of knowing

Remembering our spiritual innate expression

without boundaries or separation

Bliss in every cell

like a warm fire glowing

Feeling the love,

feeling the wind rustling through the trees

watching trees swaying,

a branch quivering as a sparrow takes flight

birds soaring in the winds above

Hints of pink as the sun’s early light appears…

a new day is here

The love of God, of the entire Universe

emanates around me and through me

I choose to live in the grace of love

Every human being on our beloved Mother Earth

came here to emanate love, to party,

to co-create this heaven on Earth,

letting go of our separateness.

Let’s play together like young children

who know not of beliefs that bind and constrict

Let’s create in that new awareness that true freedom brings

Without the borders, without old paradigms

without old systems and rules

playfulness joy laughter honouring

abundance harmony love

blissful yumminess


our innate expression as wild and as gentle as the winds that shake trees

I am you are we are not separate

we are the love

Rosie’s Joy part 2

remembering of our true nature – love

the love from our expansive freedom bursting from every cell

a knowingness beyond words

beyond the trees swaying in the wind

beyond the clouds floating, reforming, playing in the sky

or the birds sailing in the winds high above…

we are so much more than our physicality

we are as expansive as the Universe

so powerful is that love

that borders and beliefs hold no control

I see you in all your splendor and love

We are light and love experiencing a remembering of

we are the Earth, the birds, flowers, the animals

we are of it all

we can choose to hold onto the old

or we can choose freedom to be part of the whole

the party on Earth, playing with life

celebrating the love that is us

the joy of our love that is the Earth, and the heaven

innate expression

soaring in the freedom of that awakening

in that divine expansive expression

turning on the light, being the light

living that light of love expressed

here and now

a communion with consciousness

with every cell in my body

Peru, june 2014


Ancient wisdom

I am I am

as you see me reaching for the sky

my roots into the depths of the earth

Pacha Mama so endearing

We are your mirrors reflecting your luminosity

You expressing your Is -ness

Lucuma I mean really,

who are you?

so present in our presence

as we come and go at Wilka T’ika

in our past and present

The sacred one, we call;

I am not sacred as you are not sacred

Oh dear Aillaifiaatia

The Oneness that we are

the Wholeness that we are

the harmony expressed

of the Divine expansiveness

What you call love

we call blessed harmony

Flowing and growing into a lifegasm

As I lay on the grass

your roots sprawling beneath me

energy rising


I am not forever,

yet you and I are of the forever

the deliciousness of everlasting life

flowing, flowing

Our brother Golden Sun

being of radiant life for us

To dance, to be in our unique presence.


I see you in all your grandness…

But I am not grand,

my gnarls of bark that hold your gifts

Are my love, my beingness.

There is no separation of me and you

we are illumination living energy of light.

Creating forward thru expanding

in and through all consciousness of the Universes

Expanding exquisite grace

My fruit is earthly, it is of the Earth

nourishing you from eons past into the future

I am not a mango so sweet and juicy

I am that I am

as you are what you are.

When you awaken to your sweet presence;

And remembering your gentle sweetness

Peaceful music of life unfolding

awaits within you

You, like the golden sun

shining infinite wisdom and divine love.

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