Feel part of the “Not Knowing How” club?

not knowing how to ask, burying your fears,

not knowing how to engage in life,

not knowing your Divine Essence resides within you?

Sunpeaks … january 2015


let go of the worry

let go of the I shoulds, I need tos, I gottas

shed the identities that are so instilled within us

holding us so dear, so tight, a grip that suffocates

if we let it

how do we lighten the load?

it feels like a monkey on our back,

shaken off, it returns, clinging tight

november 25, 2014

My Divine Guide

Each lifetime my soul decides

to awaken on the earth

Trillions of cells individual entities of love

in communion with each other

Harmony from the macrocosm

embodied within the microcosm

Elements of the Earth within each of us

The universe embodied in a body called heaven

from the Whole, love incarnate

in physical form we …

my (our) divinity within every cell.

Unconditional love: seeing you, hearing you, feeling you

as loving light.

sunday august 16, 2015

Maple Communion

A week I have come be-fore you

letting my higher levels take command

in that space of not knowing

no expectations no past experiences influencing

our communion

no mind no expectations

creative expansion, expressing itself

breathing in and receiving

breathing out and gifting

air molecules and more,

cosmic awareness

my telomeres bulging, expanding, filling with energy

feeling a hum, low and quiet

watching…. is it real?

almost like a wind tunnel

but ever so soft

no mind, HL take command

no thoughts…. feel it

ears singing, whistling shrilly

breath is life breathe in life

breath is love breathe in love

life is love breathe out love

do you see it, feel it, know it?

sit in the deliciousness of it all

flowing through your body

reciprocating… through our bodies

a divine communion no words yet knowing

a bridge is forming

the bridge is growing

remembering the pure potential of me, my I AM

until we meet again . . . my friend 

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