Experienced tears of frustration in the school of life?

july 2014

I am a Flower

innate creation

embodying my Presence

emanation of Love



Love Eternal

We are the Universal emissaries

travelers and adventurers

We come with our twelve ancestral parents

Lovingly embedded within us.

Beautiful skill sets and abilities

awaiting to be unlocked

like a treasure chest of unknown riches

(a chest so lovingly filled)

We are the treasure and the chest

On this planet we are of the Earth

And we are multidimensional, universal beings

Deep within our dna lies the treasure

Within our hearts a luminescent crystal

Our divineness the Creator Incarnate

We are remembering the iridescent light

Who we truly are.

Out of the density, opening the lock

with our keys of awakening

Gently, carefully, gracefully and kindly

Reminding ourselves: we have been all places

Everyone and everything

For eons it seems

survival was the key

competition, comparing and judgements galore

Now, we realize more important truths

compassion, communion, and new awarenesses

Within us, our physical being

Within us, our world, our home away from home

Do we dare unlock that treasure chest?

What lurks within that unknowing?

Once the key has been turned

Our ‘treasures” within, our Truths awaken

A knowingness beyond understanding

For ourselves at first, embodying it more and more

Loving the freedom from our Earthly past

Compassionately loving and understanding others

not yet ready to turn the key

Our physicality in total communion with everyone and everything

With our Ancestral parents from the stars

With our Beloved Mother Earth and Infinite Wisdom

With our food and air and sun

So capable of loving everyone.

With this freedom I regain my power

The power to love and live life without judgements

to create upon creation

and the power to transmute this density, creating shifts in consciousness

Life that is FOR me, to laugh to cry to love

to be in the abundance of love and enjoyment

disentangling from the density I began long ago

With my fellow universal travelers, my family, myfoilima

My awakening my shifts, freely flying

I now willingly open to the treasures of the unknown.

august 5, 2015 

Love’s kiss

I have been kissed by love

by the love of God this day.

I have been kissed by life

by the love of All That Is, by angels of heaven.

I have been kissed by love

as I awake each morn,

Kissed by the sun and the moon and the Earth

With each step I take I bring

the Heaven through me

to the Heaven on Earth,

The love the light the peace within

and around everyone and everything,

The love that is possible that IS –

the love that exists within me, around me

in heaven and on Earth.

Love courses through the veins of the Earth.

We are of that love… kissing us every day

And the wind and the rain, the moon and the stars

and the flowers and trees that greet us each day

are caressing us all with their light,

never asking for recognition

standing in their loving existence

emanating their light, blossoming forth

emerging from the Earth, with Mother Gaia’s love and light

as we exist in that purest potential

explosions of light, expanding consciousness

love and more love glowing, emanating throughout the cosmos. 

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