Compared yourself to others only to feel disharmony within?

feeling not enough?

A message from the Spider Planet

Wisdom through consciousness’s eternal love

on a quiet morn words did speak

gazing upon a spider in her web

words from ancestors of a realm far away

of family here; their kin came long ago.

A loving energy passed through me

As knowledge was passed through my pineal

my innate ability to commune awoke

A gift from afar and from within

As a spider spins her web each day

in strength and beauty to catch her prey

Look upon them not with dread or fear

Be not so hasty as to judge her appearance

spider or snake or humine folk

Loving consciousness in each and all

Death in physical form, eternal beings

Yet even in great size we perceive a fear

Our egoic hold of Power-lessness of

polarity and duality and fears and through

these words of reinterpretation embracing

them into a new consciousness

love, peace, hope, a new energy

shall transmute this energy of olde

Marigolds…. Peru 2014

Marigolds so orange

Sparkling undines resting on selected petals,

like crystals of light emanating love.

Different sizes of flower heads,

all petals emanating colours and their light

not caring who has dew drops or not.

Still a marigold,

the smaller ones are no less,

the larger ones are no more.

Is-ness and love

seeds for renewal, rebirth

Our seeds for regeneration, our remembering

are in our daily presentations.


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