Aching desire to commune with Pacha Mama/Mother Earth

december 2015

A Juicy Remembering

Maple wriggling with the sylphs,

the sun’s light glowing in the south reflecting on the clouds,

its light reflecting the crystal-like rain baubles on the tips of Maple’s branches.

Crystal light captured in a few moments, like miniature lights twinkling,

yet also like a snowdrop of white light.

Clouds are on the move now, the light is changing,

dispersing but still reflecting off the ceiling of the clouds that cover the sky and the land below.

Evergreens swaying, Maple giggly-wriggling with branches gently bobbing,

deciduous maples and birches swirling,

less encumbered as their leaves have dropped weeks ago,

air rushes through their branches, gently pushing

the air sylphs are here –

we breathe them in, long and slow, and cold at the moment (in December)

then we breathe them out again,

warm and aglow with our essence,

breathing in the oxygen and breathing out the carbon dioxide…

Our dance with the trees, with the Earth, with Mother Gaia

we are nourished and we nourish them.

Sitting in this stillness so preciously expansive

so quiet and soft love is within us

love surrounds us, as above so below

from head to toe, from the stars to the Earth

We are all that we are here and afar,

When you see the stars

all is loving light all is flow I am and we are all that I am and we are

aillaifiaatia (ay-lay-fee-a-tee-a)

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