Dad, Love Everlasting

Years ago I read a book by Lee Carroll and his Guide, Kryon, an Angel of Magnetic Service whose message is of love. The book

Balancing the Bicycle

Peace and Harmony Were you that fearless four-year-old who just jumped on a bike and never looked back? Or like others who were a little

Why is the Gaian Copper?

Have you ever started a project not really knowing what the outcome would be? Or not even knowing the next step but somehow you just

Compassionate Action

For those who read last week’s blog did you remember something this week in your life’s experience where you used to find fault with yourself,

My Eclectic Nature

Life is for us and when we can reflect with compassion on our childhood experiences it can bring greater understanding in the now moment and

Spider Reflections

Why did I fear them, be repulsed by them? Thinking they were ugly and creepy, skittering from one place to another Yet weavers of such

A Dancing Invitation

Isn’t it interesting how time, aka our lives, seems to soar by, and moments where we were stuck or even just engaged in life, seem


Welcome to our first Alchemical Shifts newsletter! I like to think of it as perfect timing; beginning for me, half way through, a new year,