Dad, Love Everlasting

Years ago I read a book by Lee Carroll and his Guide, Kryon, an Angel of Magnetic Service whose message is of love. The book was The Journey Home. It tells the story of a human who experiences a life-threatening trauma and is taken on a journey to visit various houses with different angels in each home. In each house Michael Thomas learns more about his journey here on Earth and how much the Universe loves him so much, even when he lost his parents in a car crash and became a very angry man. Before the House of Violet he stored a lot of anger about the death of his parents, and in the “movie theatre” he learns about his eternal nature, his parents weren’t gone (physically, yes) but energetically they still existed, just on a different plane of Consciousness. When he understood this the anger was melted and his true love of himself, God, and his fellow humans gave birth to love and compassion, and yes, even for the woman who chose to play the part of the reckless driver.

I found this story very helpful in better understanding my divine nature, and it eased the pain of losing friends and family, knowing they weren’t really gone, their energy is different. It’s part of who we really are – divine, infinite beings of Light, expressing our Light and Love here on Planet Earth. Whatever transpires in these lifetimes is for a reason, for the person’s soul’s expression. Sometimes it’s not so pleasant, for others it is joy and harmony. I’ve heard it said that eventually, we will not need to come to the planet to experience these hardships, we’ve ‘been there, done that’, and as we raise our consciousness through more compassionate action this will create a shift on the planet. Actually, it has already started!!!

This piece was written following a Get Out of Your Own Way weekend and it was a demonstration of how benevolent and beautiful the Universe is and how lovingly we are cared for, and connected to All of Consciousness. The night before I talked about my dad at this meeting Lindsay’s husband baked a batch of peanut butter cookies, my dad’s favourite, and the first time Gary had ever baked cookies!!! The Universe works in amazing ways, especially when we’re willing to let it in. It has been nearly 38 years since his transitioning, and Dad, I love you!!!

Dad, Love Everlasting november 25, 2014

I thought I had lost you

the day you flew away

I felt you had left me

on that October day.

Missing you in the present and loving you

these many years gone by.

Wondering what life might have been like

Playing with your grandchildren

They would see you as warm and kind,

so gentle in your countenance.

When I am ready in Divine timing

you visit me in the wee hours

Full circling my anxiety to fly

to fly in my life, with life

For me to emanate the truth of who I am

Thank you for gifting me your love

those many years ago, and sharing your journey into the Light that night you passed

Thank you for the peace and love of who you were

so long ago, I love you.

A perfect set up for me, for the Universe, for all Creation

And the conversation in the group saying “hi Ron”

Hi Dad, I’m here, ready to hear you

ready to receive your love from within, a different energy

Did you like the beef barley soup too?

Can we dance together, the multidimensional aspect of you and of me

Thank you for the peanut butter cookies that Gary made for Lindsay

How beautiful is the Power of Love to create upon creation

Right next to me the Universe created upon creation through someone

Who has never made cookies to shift paradigms

with a new reality

What’s presenting, can you see it really?

Can you feel the yummy juiciness of unconditional love

The warmth of your cells glowing in the light of love

Home again, once more, expanding consciousness.

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