Welcome to our first Alchemical Shifts newsletter! I like to think of it as perfect timing; beginning for me, half way through, a new year, 2016, and the evolution of H.C & L. Soil Alchemy in its present state, and ready to change with the changing times upon the Earth.

Soil Alchemy began in 2010 with the writing of Gaia’s song, one of my first intuitive and intimate connection writings from my divine essence. I thought I was channeling from some divine source out “there” in the cosmos when in fact it was my Beloved I AM, my Divine Essence or Soul Spirit resonating from within the multidimensional aspect of my trillions of cells. Next came a fascination with crop circles and choosing one that would eventually become part of the Gaian coin. During that time I was using dowsing to test the energy of soil, of food, and how crystals and reiki symbols could change the energy or frequency of something. I was very new to all this energy work and relied on guidance from friends who had more practice than I did at the time.

The H.O.P.E. chest filled with crystals, Reiki symbols and more would evolve from the Star 4 Earth boxes into the R.O.S.I.E.’s HOPE chests that are now making their way around the world. The original chests were buried in Delta, Terra Nova, BC; Sedona, Ar; Costa Rica; Mt. Ampato, Peru; Hawaii (Big Island). I didn’t know who or what was picking up the energy from those boxes and it was really challenging, scary and frustrating to talk about them with others, like there was missing information and the perfectionist, ”I need to know what I’m doing before I do it” me worried about getting “it” wrong or playing with energies I didn’t know anything about! That was thebeginning of opening many doors that took this quiet mouse the courage to answer some unknown push coming from within.

The next evolution was Gift of HOPE chests that were not buried but placed in special places in people’s homes and gardens. The current Rosie’s H.O.P.E. chests have additional symbols and natural elements from my West Coast forest home as well as from places I have visited over the past few years. They all contain encodements from the Earth herself, and from me, that are being shared with people and other places all over the world – all communicating with each other through amazing intricate systems like crystalline and magnetic grids.

I am no longer that quiet mouse although there are times I sit quiet, but more often for different reasons other than fear or doubt. I have more knowingness about these harmonizing activators – Gaian and Rosie’s H.O.P.E chest – and I also know there is more to learn about them. Divine timing is something I have been learning to understand more about, and two of the greatest gifts for myself is having grace and compassion for myself which is now spilling over to others I meet and work with. Two great gifts to give yourself.

I look forward to having conversations with you as we journey into these new shifts together.



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