Compassionate Action

For those who read last week’s blog did you remember something this week in your life’s experience where you used to find fault with yourself, or not being good or worthy enough? And were you able to dive back, feel more loving, more compassionate for the You at that moment? I was teaching a couple of days this past week and used that feeling of loving myself more and more to look at students differently—pulling from that love emanation to see others in a different way. I was less a “teacher” and found myself more compassionate and patient and I found it interesting to watch how things unfold that might not have from my “old teaching” perspective.

I have co-created what I call #Harmony Activators that help us remember ourselves as the harmony that is possible within us, between each other, within our local community as well as globally. They assist with many things including bridging the gap between our Spirit and our physical body, bringing our true loving and compassionate state of SoulSpirit into our daily life. As we remember the unconditional love of the Universe, which is us, slowly the gap which our mind created to keep us safe but separate from our beautiful, magnificent Self/soul will lessen. These harmony activators can be found on my website:

The initials for my company, HC&L Soil Alchemy, stand for Harmony Compassion and Love, something I have always believed was possible for humanity and all life on our Beloved planet Earth, Mother Gaia as some call her. One aspect of Harmony for me is fluidity and flow and how can I create more of that in my everyday life? One thing I practice when I drive is how much flow can I create? When I let someone into “my” lane when others have not – that creates flow. It also lessens the stress of the other driver. How many times have you tried to merge only to be cut off, seemingly because the other driver wanted to be next in line? Yet as I say that the other thing I practice is being compassionate and understanding … aka … no Judgements of others. I have no idea what is going on with other drivers, what their day has been like to cause them to cut off others or be impatient. But you are in control in your car, in your life, and it’s your choice to be that compassionate action. Put on your favourite calming music, sing along and enJOY the ride. Remember, the more you act from a loving place the more peaceful and harmonious the ride can be.

Today I was driving to the Tzu Chi Foundation’s annual Gratitude and Blessing Ceremony and found myself turning into a No Entry lane OMG! Luckily the Universe gave me only a few cars to wildly apologize to as I reversed my car, a tanker stopped to let me get back on track and away I went. How or why did I get into such a situation when I’ve driven that route before? Heaven only knows!!!! But I laughed at myself, extremely grateful for nothing happening, and hoped there was some compassion in those surprised drivers!!!

My heart was filled with tears and love as I watched these loving and compassionate people humbly celebrate their compassionate acts around the globe, and locally within Metro Vancouver. Flood and earthquake victims around the world, refugees fleeing Syria, seniors and school children in Vancouver, First Nations and the homeless have been receiving loving support from this group which celebrated their 50th year in 2016, under the guidance of their Dharma Master Cheng Yen. I came away even more determined to continue my work, to practice more compassionate actions toward my fellow beings. We are all Spirits of Light and Love on this planet, here to make a difference. Where can you shift your perspective and eliminate judgement and act compassionately? Start with yourself and then emanate that love outward. Your faith is whatever that is for you. Have faith in the Universe that is loving you unconditionally. Have a great week!


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