Our Global Connections

Your Presence Matters: to Mother Earth and Humanity

Map of Gaians and Rosie’s H.O.P.E. Chests Around the World

Our Gaians and Rosieʼs H.O.P.E. Chests are being distributed all over the world by peaceful bridge builders like yourself. When you wear or place these “seed-keys” or Essence Activators in your home you are, by your willingness to step forward, planting a seed which will be watered and nurtured by your compassion and love for yourself, the Earth and humanity. Like a seed growing within the soil, of you; these seed-keys are not only opening portals to codes in your DNA but they are also activating and strengthening the crystalline grids of our Earth Mother and creating/building ley lines. The result? Creating global peace and harmony for future generations by aligning with your sacred Presence and purpose, through your loving compassionate actions, Innate Abilities, and your mindful choices that cognize our interconnectedness with all life on Earth.

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With your purchase, your “city” will be added to our global community map – “imagine all the people living in peace and harmony…” John Lennon

Your peaceful presence, compassionate actions and joyful appreciation of everything, everyone and the Earth herself is lovingly felt deep within the crystal heart-core of the planet and she radiates that back to us through the crystalline grids of the planet. We are all connected: you, the Earth, and the Cosmos. You are dearly loved.

Make a donation so we can send more Gaians and Rosie’s H.O.P.E. Chests around the world. Or send one as a gift to a friend who lives in a country that doesn’t have any. Help us build a community of Essence Activators, a world wide web to strengthen the universal flow of loving energy around the Earth. 

Remembering Our Spiritual Innate Expression…. Humanity’s Openhearted Peace-full Earth

Gaia's Song

During a morning writing and meditation session in August 2010, I was gifted these words. At the time I didn’t really understand them, this oneness with the Earth, with All that Is, the spiritual realm – what was that? Over time and with my awakening work with many of the family listed in the Appreciation page, I came to a greater understanding, of the love that is everywhere, I hope you do too. 

It took several months to put notes together and then eventually they formed the music you hear on the video. Now I play the chords and feel my heart & spirit connecting with the Earth, our beloved Gaia, and know she feels the love.

I hope you enjoy the music, play it often, play it for your plants, for you, for the Earth.

I created the video, wrote and played the music and with thanks to Jon and his portable sound system I was able to finish the process. And thanks also to Russ for pushing me to navigate the web on my own.

Our Beloved Mother Earth
Hear our prayers
of love and devotion
as we join with you as one
Gaia we are one with you.

As we lightly step upon the earth each day
your crystals of golden light shimmers
and transcends love from the depths within you.
feel our love and gratitude and joy
for your beauty and loving devotion,
And for your gift of life to all of us
We love you with all our hearts
As light we are one:
from the Heavenly Spirit on High and within us
we are one, we are one
Gaia we are one with you.

our Beloved Mother Earth
Hear our prayers
of love and devotion
as we join with you as one
Gaia we are one with you.

We send this prayer of healing
to you Beloved Gaia,
our dear Mother Earth.
Your love and beauty unfolds around us each day.
your Kingdoms and Elementals serving us
know of your beauty, truth and love
As does Our indwelling Spirit of Truth.
We share with you, we join with you,
the Spirit within us
binding us together
as loving brothers and sisters we are one
The Sacred Rays of Love and Healing are here
Gaia we are one, we are one with you.

our Beloved Mother Earth
Hear our prayers
of love and devotion
as we join with you as one
Gaia we are one with you.

Oh beautiful golden sun
Hear our prayers of love and gratitude
Your energy of light, illumination and truth
transcends the love of Alpha,Omega, Helios and Vesta,
Immaculata and Circulata, we thank you All –
your loving devotion, ever silent, always present.
We are one with Gaia, we are one with you
from the nourishing rays of light
to the golden veins of love, precipitated sunlight.
As the petals of the Forget-Me-Not unfolds
we open the chambers of our hearts.
we are one with you
Gaia we are one with you.

our Beloved Mother Earth
Hear our prayers
of love and devotion
as we join with you as one
Gaia we are one with you.
Gaia we are one with you. Gaia we are one with you.

written by Ann Metcalfe
August 26, 2010

I am grateful and with gratitude also for my “family” (H, S & R & siblings) for your reflections of love back to me. 

How Gaia Helps Us

Planet Earth, often referred to as Mother Earth, Pacha Mama or Gaia, is our home and provider of all our needs and desires. Not only does Beloved Mother Earth generously nourish us with food and provide resources for everything we use each day but she also lovingly nurtures our spirit with her beauty… bringing us peace, joy, happiness and more. We share this planet with many life forms and in our hurried lives we often forget that they are just as valued as we are. As stewards of Earth and our future ancestors, we need to remember our connection to this wider realm and deeply honour and respect all life, and understand the interconnectedness of this web of life, here and beyond.

I am learning to listen to the inner voice that I heard as a child when my outer hearing was impaired, and I am learning to listen to the soil, the energy, the love, and this is what I offer to you.

The Story Of ROSIE's H.O.P.E. Chests

The original H.O.P.E chests were called Star 4 Earth boxes and were buried in the ground to assist the Earth. 

These evolved into the ROSIE’S H.O.P.E. chest, my second experience of Divine Guidance (Gaia’s Song my first) and I am so grateful to my friend Carol Lefevre who lovingly and patiently guided me on my beginning spiritual awakening path. Together we created the chest, putting all sorts of things to enhance its energy. I dowsed what crystals to include, what Reiki symbols to use on the copper and clay pieces, added some sand from my worldly travels and then to my delight a weed (Geranium robertianum) in my garden became the “creative” design on the outside. I play my recording of Gaia’s Song as I make the boxes, and as I do my piece of the puzzle is infused into each chest.

I thought the chest was a gift for the Earth that as we lovingly sent prayers of compassion and love to her, family and friends, energy would be felt globally.

what the acronym Rosie’s H.O.P.E. means:

Remembering Our Spiritual Innate ExpressionSxpression Humanity’s Openhearted Peacefull Earth

New friends have come into my life who have also greatly assisted me on my journey. Now my understanding of the chest has evolved even more: to assist us in remembering and awakening to the deeper truth of who we are, divine beings of the Universe. The encodements within our DNA are awakening with the assistance of so many things, including the grids and Rosie’s H.O.P.E. Chests. Each letter has meaning: Remembering Our Spiritual Innate ExpressionS Humanity’s Openhearted Peacefull Earth. And of course thanks also to the sun’s solar flares and photon packages of light that also activate the grids and the chests. What a most amazing journey in consciousness and magic we are on!

Some of the benefits of the Rosieʼs H.O.P.E chests include co-creating shifts in the Earthʼs grids to assist the Earth and humanity with our divine communion and conscious, purposeful actions with, and respect for her, and using our Innate Abilities to assisting with all of this, especially compassion for ourselves and others! 

Message From The Elementals

Elementals and Devas gifted this evening, March 18, 2011

Who are these wondrous beings? Some say they live in the ether world, and yet our connection to them is very real. Seldom seen by most humans they do their work quietly, working day and night. They tend the soil, look after the plants. They come in all shapes and sizes, some are expanded past the Earth and others would fit into a thimble and have room for a tea party!

We love the earth and we serve the great Spirit beyond and within every living thing. Humans were once connected to our energy, could feel us and others. We would show ourselves to those who were assisting us, or doing healing work. We serve for the life of a plant or flower. When we are finished our work we return to the ether world, to our realm where beauty abounds and knows no limit. We love to sing and dance and those fairy rings often tell where we have been. In order to connect with us you have to be of a light spirit and energy, your heart must be pure and it must also be part of your divine plan to talk with us or see us. Humanity is not yet ready to see us on a regular basis, the soil and the environment must be favourable.

Don’t worry about the bees, they are evolving. Yes, they will still make their delicious nectar but maybe not so much as what humans need to be eating. It is liquid gold and should be treated as such, with respect and honour. Humans will soon learn to harvest what they need, the weather will change so that many people will be able to harvest the nectar in many places not found now. Honour the earth, take only what you need.

The food does contain energy, do not be so concerned about the specifics, the nutritional content as you say, but eat a wide variety, taste the colours, feel the joy of the plant/food as it nourishes your body, as the cells burst with the living light as you eat each fruit or plant. Try not to mix too many together otherwise it’s just a slurry. You will become accustomed to eating less: you are out of balance and that is why you eat too much, and you have become accustomed to large amounts. Take some honey just before eating and let it settle, then try eating a few simple foods, like some fruit or a salad. You do not need starchy rices and pasta, your grains such as quinoa are better because they are seeds and when soaked and prepared well they can be useful for energy for your body. There are many greens you can eat, and there are many old ones that will come more available to you in time. we shall say that you are evolving my dear friends, let the light in, be the light, be the love.

Be gentle with your plants and yards. Do not add harmful substances that interfere with our work. They sometimes poison us and we cannot do the work we have come here to do.

For more reading on honouring our food sources:


March 22, 2015

In 2015, I conducted an energy experiment that used aura colours and body energy with MJ, a Biopulsar practitioner. While the consultation provides patterns and connections between various colours and organs, my purpose for this process was to learn what effect the Gaian and Rosie’s H.O.P.E. Chest and the combination of the two had on my chakras and energy patterns.

From MJs handouts:
“The texts of the aura interpretation are to be understood like a translator who translates the language of our soul. Many of these texts have more than one meaning so they address our mind AND soul.”

“Our soul communicates beyond difficult thought processes and often has only one way of getting our attention: through symptoms. Our soul expresses itself and sends us messages through physical symptoms; we just need to recognize these symptoms on ourselves… To begin with, we have to understand that problems in our life arise in areas of our consciousness which are often far removed from us. These problems are born directly inside the soul, but they are still very distant from our daily consciousness, so it is unlikely that we will make the connection.
The Biopulsar-Reflexograph measurements allow us to easily see, through the colours in our aura, what our soul wants to tell us about certain parts of our body. We can take a look at some of our needs, our sorrows, our thankfulness, our fears and our secrets.”

During the testing my aura was read without the Gaian or Rosie’s H.O.P.E. Chest to give the base reading. For the next readings I held the Gaian and chest in paper bags such that neither MJ or I knew what was in the bag.

The following results demonstrate the shift in my aura with each testing. MJ “cleared” me after each reading so as to have each testing “clean” from the previous one.

“Between 45-59 represents the typical energy flow; however, if one uses a lot of energy from a chakra centre with little or no energy reserve, then the chakra loses energy rapidly-depleting the energy centre very quickly. 

Between 60-65 shows an optimum reserve of energy, which allows one to use any of the centres with good power behind it.”

The {closer all the chakra percentages}, the better the communication between the centres and the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual power one has. For energy flow to move up the chakras there must be good strength in the root centre and throughout all the chakras. If any centre is over or under-active then this indicates a chakra blockage or an energy jam.

Chakra Base reading Rosie’s HOPE Chest Combination Gaian
Crown 35 42 47 {46}
Brow 29 39 41 {42}
Throat 15 31 22 **29 doubled
Heart 44 39 41 39
Solar Plexus 66 68 71 {72}
Sexual 68 68 70 {67}
Root 50 58 56 60

As you can see from the above results the Gaian and the Rosie’s H.O.P.E. chest helped balance several of the chakras; some were lowered and others raised, and the throat chakra nearly doubled with the Gaian coin! With more balanced chakras, your body’s energy systems will flow more easily, a happier place for your body!

In Appreciation

I have traveled many roads on my journey to awaken and remember the beautiful being that I am, and that all of you are also. This page contains links to people that have come into my life for a season, for a reason and to that Synchronicity I am truly grateful. May we all prosper in the infinite abundance of the Universe.

Carol Lefevre

The tools, techniques and exercises taught through Soul Alchemy can be used by clients and students to develop their own unique spiritual practice, which can bring every aspect of their lives into alignment with their divine essence. This is authentic empowerment.

Jamye Price

Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel, teacher and student of life. She channels healing energies in the form of Light Language, which are ancient and universal languages that your heart and infinite mind speak fluently.

Jennifer Hough: The Wide Awakening

Her work is to assist each of us to awaken to our innate abilities beyond the 5 senses, to live life in flow and passion and to truly experience our lives as “a piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth” in this lifetime.

Joyce, Nikica and Ann of Yah Foods – raw food extraordinaire in integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching

Marilyn Harper: Adironnda and Company

To inspire, motivate and provide concrete, effective tools and methods to help people heal their past, live in their present and fully experience the infinite potential of their own authenticity… always living in Love, joy and peace.

Lee Carroll and the Kryon Entourage

Information from Kryon, a love-filled and empowering angelic being.

Mary Elizabeth Hoffman: Cat Beings

Through the use of Astrology (Karmic, Galactic and/or Mundane), Astronomy, Astro-Locality and Astro-Cartography Mary Elizabeth along with the Cat Beings offer to the client a deeper commitment and greater understanding of the Soul Heart, Spirit Work and Destiny choices available to them.

Peggy Phoenix Debro: The Symbol, EMT worldwide, The Lattice and more

Managing your personal energy, an elegant entryway to your innermost wisdom … Peggy Phoenix Dubro is the discoverer of the Universal Calibration Lattice®, an organized system of energy extending beyond the physical body that is your personal link to universal energy.

Rita Britnell and Thomas: Moore: Harmony Healing Centre

At Harmony Healing Centre, Thomas Moore and Rita Britnell have come together to partner their skills in a balance of masculine and feminine energies. Their intuitive and empathic talents complement each other, allowing them to assist you to regain health and balance, and heal on many levels

Bonnie Serratore: Spiritual Acceleration

“My mission is to empower my clients and students to create a life of joy, self-love and true freedom while consulting and mentoring them to take full responsibility for their own lives and their own healing using the tools and techniques they learn from me and other teachers.”

Brooke Clodfelter

Connections to the unseen beings from galactic realms here to assist us on our journey to awakening.

And with much thanks, love and gratitude to my family and friends who have been with me during this period of remembering, who have been my opportunities for choosing fluidity and awakening, to help me bring clarity to who I truly am. To the third star and beyond and the OR BETTER!!! 


Authors and interesting people I have met on my journey

  • Bruce Lipton – The Wisdom of Your Cells, Biology of Belief
  • Claire Heartsong – Anna, Grandmother of Jesus
  • Lee Carroll – Kryon series, The Journey Home, 12 Strands of DNA and Indigo Children with Jan Tober
  • Gregg Braden – An American author of New Age literature, who wrote about the 2012 phenomenon and became noted for his claim that the magnetic polarity of the earth was about to reverse. Braden argued that the change in the earth’s magnetic field might have effects on human DNA. He has also argued that human emotions affect DNA.
  • JRR Tolkein – for his imagination into the unknown, the Elfin realm and more
  • Nassim Haramein – Physics and Spirituality
  • Dr. Masaro Emoto – Water, Consciousness & Intent
  • Jennifer Hough – Wide Awakening, Heartfelt Gratitude for my Remembering
  • Pepper Lewis – Channel for Gaia for 16+ years
  • Dr. Todd Ovokaitys – Researcher, Lemurian toning, Gematria health products
  • William Linville – author of Relationships with Everything and Everyone, Living in a Body on a Planet

Music to relax and go within:

  • Anders Holte
  • Denise Hagen
  • Robert Coxon – Silent Path, Infinity
  • Tom Kenyon