Balancing the Bicycle

Peace and Harmony

Were you that fearless four-year-old who just jumped on a bike and never looked back? Or like others who were a little more cautious and used training wheels to get started? Do you really remember why you wanted a bike or did you even think about how you were going to ride it when you took that first step up and threw your leg over the seat?

Uncertainty, anticipation, excitement…..ready set go! ……for me it was pushing off a wall in our driveway, learning how to maintain balance and keep the handlebars straight…

yes! a little wobbly at first and then that initiation into independence!!!!!

Corners were taken cautiously at first, then the confidence grew. Next big step was riding to school – downhill all the way, pedal brakes in those early days and no helmet, and no gears either for the uphill climb home!

Sometimes this journey of awakening feels like those first few wobbly rides; there are moments of clarity and a beautiful feeling of harmony, balance and flow and then uncertainty arises. Whether you call it ascension, enlightenment, awakening, or remembering to describe what many of us are experiencing or searching for, it’s new for us. We are being asked to shift to a “new” way of being, to be more understanding of others and yet remain strong in our own truths. Sometimes I find it helpful to remind myself that our star seed family from the Pleiades went through this evolutionary process and we’re just taking our first baby steps, and how important it is to have compassion and grace for ourselves and others!

I know that peace and harmony are possible for humanity, like that fluid motion of you and the bicycle – balanced, flowing, new freedoms, independence and yes, fun!

This morning I checked out the synonyms for harmony – was harmony what I thought it was?: understanding, tolerance, cooperation, good will, friendship, like-mindedness, flow, fluidity, peace, kinship, unity. Yes, it was. I also found one that at first glance I said no, how could ‘conformity’ be harmony? When I checked ‘conformity’ I found ‘willingness’!! Ah yes, willingness is so important in these times of great change. Are we willing to change our perceptions, our understanding and tolerance of others? Perhaps if we were to ‘conform’ to the Universal law of love and willingly open our hearts to the great love and harmony within us and around us, peace and harmony would prevail on Earth. The harmony activators we make at can assist with opening our hearts to the pure potentials that await us, to feel the peace within and let that loving expression be part of our BEingness. Can we also create more harmony in a musical sense – different sounds beautifully complementing each other, in unity and creating a harmonious frequency that resonates through the Earth and into the Cosmos? Hmmm, pure potential of possibilities of peace and harmony through compassionate actions.

aillaifiaatia aillaifyaatya

all is loving light all is flow I am all that I am all is loving light all is flow you are all that you are

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