The Long Story

Growing up in North Vancouver, BC

My six siblings and I were gifted with an incredible natural environment rarely seen today: a vast forest and creek that was our backyard playground. My friends, siblings and I spent many hours exploring the woods of North Vancouver frequenting worn and familiar paths that started from our backyards all the way to Mosquito Creek. There was a rotting log that bridged a tiny creek and pond that we would cross when we wanted to go exploring. Occasionally in our exuberance our footing would slip and we would end up in the muck, hoping to avoid the skunk cabbage that dotted the pond. I never did taste the benefits of skunk cabbage, but many years later I did hear of its healing properties and use by First Nations people. My hearing had been impacted as a toddler and there was a great comfort and gentleness to the forest that I did not understand or appreciate at the time and now I know of the great spirits and elementals that were always with me back then. That inner voice heard many more things than my physical ears could hear and to that I give thanks and am so grateful for in the work I do today.

I also learned early in life to keep quiet and that my voice wasn’t important, almost to the point that I didn’t matter! And after decades of ignoring my feelings, and to some degree of not even knowing what they were, I am learning to love myself, love the life I am living and to dance with my partner, the Universe.

I have always had a deep love of Gaia, our Earth home away from home and when I was younger I had buried my awareness of my connection to the planet and the spirit realm housed within me. It is interesting that my mind had created a false disconnect yet my heart and my instincts kept pulling me back to remembering … All those years of playing in the forest and Mosquito Creek in my back yard in North Vancouver, smelling the cedar trees and aroma of the forest floor floating into my senses, loving the patterns and the aromas of the flowers, feeling tree trunks or stroking the branches of the different conifers in our back yard – they were my connection, my communion with the Earth. What an incredible gift of loving energy; the vibration of all those plants and animals were my connection to the Earth! The Universe and my Higher Levels were showing me each day of the love of all Creation. And that awakened consciousness didn’t really occur until recently (ahh, the infinite wisdom of the Universe and my telomeres)!

My restricted hearing led me along a path of being invisible, of not being seen or feeling worthy of being seen or heard. It was easier and more comfortable to hide in the background, to say yes when it should have been no and visa versa, to speak up when I had something creative to say. It’s taken some courage to speak up when it is called to, to lean into situations and to really love myself and this most amazing life I feel so privileged to enjoy. As I am embodying my Innate Abilities I feel stronger within, feel the Creator within and am much more compassionate with myself and others. The integration of those encodements within our DNA is happening to all humans and the gifts we offer assist in activating them even more deeply. 

A few years ago I started testing (dowsing) soil and fruits and vegetables with a pendulum and learning to “see” the vibrational energy in these things and would measure their level of consciousness. That is when HC&L Soil Alchemy was created – to test soil for energy imbalances and to use my Reiki to balance them, to help “heal” the Earth. I was also fascinated with Dr. Emoto’s work with water and how our conscious thoughts (our energy) transformed the water crystals. My years of researching energy has evolved now to creating Gifts of ROSIE’s H.O.P.E. chests and Gaians to offer assistance for people like you who care so lovingly for the Earth and want more harmony and congruency for you, your family and humanity. This work is not about healing the planet. It’s about remembering our loving communion with our Divinity, the Earth and each other and the love and harmony we express each day changes everything everywhere.

The journey with my Family, my environmental actions, healing modalities, gardening, and healthy foods have all contributed to this beautiful space I am in now, and for that and more, I am grateful.

Environmental Activism

Many years were spent involved with different organizations that were working at “saving” the Earth. Gaia does not need saving, but she dearly needs to be deeply respected and honoured as our Earth Mother and that same reverence needs to given to all life forms upon her. 

As Conscious Beings in our hurried world, we have forgotten our connection to the Earth and we need to remember the divine relationship we once had and awaken that loving communion with the Earth and the natural world, and with each other.