The Story of the Gaians

About five years ago I found the image of what is now called the Gaian on a page of crop circles on the internet. My friend and spiritual coach at the time understood the energetics/sacred geometry of the crop circle, given to us in love and gratitude by our star seed family. “Unblocking the ley lines” I was told and so began my passion and curiosity about the many grid systems within and around the Earth (many I still know little about).

Using that image I had a necklace made in 2011 but after almost losing it I tucked it into a drawer for 2 years. Thanks to some copying difficulties (thank you Universe!) the circular disc was created and another friend created the name. With the help of friends my understanding of what it does and how it assists us in these awakening times continues to grow and evolve. During the summer of 2015 I made a trip to southern England and visited Old Serum, Winchester, an ancient ruin of William the Conqueror (1066 AD). Adjacent to that site was a field where the origins of the Gaian crop circle were created by the Arcturians on May 5, 2010.

I felt like I had both brought the Gaian home and had come home, to embody/activate encodements from the crop circle into my dna.

The sacred geometry of the crop circle is not fully known to me but a friend shared her in-sight about the seven circles and that each one contains a cube and within the cube are encodements and information that we will eventually receive and understand.

Some of the benefits of the Gaian coin for you and the Earth include a greater sense of flow and peace, helps balance our chakras, for some it awakens their heartʼs calling, bringing more congruency and guidance to their journey, and assisting the Earth on her journey of ascension.

Health benefits of copper (4:33 min)

Gaian Coin and Crop Circles explained (8:08 minutes)

General Information of the Gaian Coin (4:30 minutes)