Creating peace on Earth by inspiring people like you who want more inner peace and feel the calling of a higher purpose, including a calling to their sacred connection to Earth and the Cosmos. Through activating your infinite wisdom you can achieve inner harmony and peace and for the planet as well.

You are magnificent beings of light here to affect change on Earth, to create peace on Earth by aligning your sacred Presence (peace within), activating the grids around the planet through your Compassionate actions and by understanding your interconnectedness with all life on Earth: to create that change you’ve been seeking and to be the leader you came here to be.

Be the Miracle of who you are = you CAN make a difference on Planet Earth through your conscious loving thoughts, and radiating the love of who you are through the awakening of your Innate Abilities from the activations of the portals to your DNA and encodements that come from the Rosie’s H.O.P.E. chest and the crystalline grid and perhaps the many grids we’re not even aware of. YOUR PRESENCE MATTERS – to those around you, the Earth and the Cosmos