About Ann

Knowing the creation force of infinite wisdom is within you opens doors to the pure potentials that the Universe has been waiting to give to you.

We can create the harmony on Earth that is calling to so many of us. It is time to awaken and remember!

Ann is the co-creator of the Rosie’s H.O.P.E Chest and Gaian coin and creator of Gaia’s Song.

The SHORT STORY: I grew up in a typical suburban middle-class family in North Vancouver during the 50s and 60s: six siblings, my father a very gentle, hard working man, and mom looking after everything to do with a household of seven children! I was gifted with living next to a temperate rain forest, a backyard playground full of cedars and firs, a saviour for me as a child.

Due to ear infections as a young child my hearing was impaired throughout elementary and most of high school, when after a second surgery my hearing improved. By then my protective beliefs were set: super shy, hide the feelings and keep quiet so as not to appear stupid or rock the boat, perceptively lacked communication skills, and super sensitive to my own and others’ judgments. I was so frustrated by this ugly duckling persona, in looks and personality, comparing myself to everyone else, and, feeling like not belonging!

Not until my early fifties when I heard the words of the angel, Kryon, “You are dearly loved” did I finally realize there was so much more to me, to life, and way beyond what science had taught me about the universe! Hesitantly I stood at this door of opportunity of remembering, life lovingly coaxing me to come, to be more, to live as the Creator Incarnate to experience the expansive possibilities awaiting me. Nearly ten years later the expansive call to “dance with life” (thanks Jennifer Hough) – creating, letting go of perceptions I once held so dear and fears dropping away did I start to really feel the power of the pure potential within me and humanity bursting to come to life!

Deep down I knew that world peace, harmony and compassion was not only possible but also part of the pure potential within each of us. The dilemma was how to take that knowingness and the love of God, and the love of the Earth and those new feelings percolating within me and share that excitement with others who felt the same way.

Loving myself, the God within me, and my Galactic partners has been a huge evolutionary, magical and loving journey for me. I laugh more, feel more peaceful, jump into conversations like I never used to, live life instead of fearing it, and I’m learning to commune with trees and Mother Earth. Remembering and awakening to this most delicious and joy-full way of living is something I am so grateful for. And now the time to let go of the old paradigms is here so the authentic me can “dance and create upon creation” (thanks Jennifer Hough)!!