A Dancing Invitation

Isn’t it interesting how time, aka our lives, seems to soar by, and moments where we were stuck or even just engaged in life, seem so distant in the now time. Yet, we know there is no time really at a Soul level, we exist as does all of Creation. That isn’t my topic for tonight but I was musing over the time and space I was in two years ago when I boldly stepped into a program that changed my life, my perspective on living and how I see the world. Flight School with Jennifer Hough and her Wide Awakening team – wow!!! It’s a good thing I really didn’t know what I was in for – one of those kicking and screaming situations that the Soul was so wanting me to do and the ego fighting back, not wanting to relinquish any of its control over eons of time it had nicely packaged together. How does a timid mouse go deeper? In part, a will to be more, knowing on some level there was so much more to life than being afraid of stepping out or speaking up! And I was ready for a change.

My perspective is constantly changing and expanding as I explore other programs, listen to some of the spiritual awakening programs on-line, and expand my understanding of how this fantastic benevolent design on Earth (and throughout the Universe) creates itself. It feels like being in Kindergarten and you see what the older kids are doing, curiosity tweaked, but having no idea how they got there because you haven’t got the skillsets needed to advance to the next level. We will get to the graduate level but with a lot of ease and grace for ourselves, and lots of laughter along the way.

I wrote this piece in July, 2014, on a flight back from Peru where I opened up more of my heart and soul with people who were becoming family: lovingly supporting and guiding me and each other.

Come play with me the Universe calls
Let perceptions go you once held dear
A bird’s feather floating in the wind
and dancing into someone’s hands
becomes a soft, gentle touch upon a face.
Its dance changing, creating anew
The Universe calls come dance with me
Uncertainty, a cosmic reality
Certainty in its creativity
with harmony, love and grace
Each day beginning anew
An experiential expansion into love
A willingness to know the Universe
whether a leaf fluttering in the wind
or catching a smile and a kiss blown wild
You are the dancer if you choose to be
learning new steps, laughing when you fall,
Sometimes the dance is a thought spoken in truth
so presenting to be shared
so someone else can dance if they choose
Courage and practice is needed to dance with it all,
For the dance continues and love pours forth.
Bend here, jump there, no looking back,
Come join the dance the Universe calls
The heart grows stronger and the mind clatter softens,
fears drop away as the perceptions change.
Flowing in the dance each day you will know
lean in, hear the whisper of your soul “do try”
And enjoy your dance when the Universe calls. 

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