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Welcome to Authentic Sacred Design

Welcome to my Authentic Sacred Design website. It represents my journey of remembering the deeper truth of who I am, of who we really are: beautiful, benevolent, divine beings of light with Infinite Wisdom as our God Presence guiding us through these changing times with more peace, compassion and conscious awareness.

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The Rosie’s H.O.P.E. chests and Gaian coins/necklaces are tools to awaken and connect you to your Divine self and the Earth. The Gaians are Innate Essence Activators: their sacred geometry speaks to your DNA to awaken your connection to Source/Spirit. The chests are anchoring in the new benevolent energies coming to the planet, as well as anchoring in humanity’s compassionate actions. Gaia herself amplifies these energies and radiates them around the Earth through the crystalline grids, gently waking up all of humanity to the loving default that is our true nature.

First Steps

Hesitantly I stand at the door
Life lovingly coaxing me to come,
be more
How did I forget?
I dip my toe into life’s true stream,
turning potentials and “I couldn’ts”

into realities of enjoyment
Even challenges are becoming more familiar
Smiling, I step forward,
knowing how loved and precious I am in completing the picture

Ann Metcalfe

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